Diagnosis is one of the most important segments of orthodontic treatment. It is a procedure that precedes the treatment and it is the basis of all subsequent procedures and is of key importance for the success of orthodontic treatment. Diagnostic data that are collected are dental impressions, detailed photos (intraoral and extraoral) and x-ray image analysis.

Dental impressions are used to obtain a cast which gives us an accurate and permanent representation of the condition prior to the beginning of the treatment, and enable Dr. Marelić to have a clear view on all parts of teeth and on interdental relations. The 3D dental cast is an irreplaceable part of the diagnostic analysis of each case.

Intraoral (teeth photos) and extraoral (external) photos of all patients are taken. Extraoral photos are used for face, smile and profile analysis. Teeth photos are used to analyze their position and interdental relations within the same dental arch and dental relations between the two opposite dental arches (bite analysis). Modern orthodontics is impossible to imagine without the use of digital photography technology, which enables the therapist to quickly evoke the initial condition of a certain case and makes it easier to follow the treatment progress.

Diagnostic data that are collected are dental impressions, detailed photos (intraoral and extraoral) and x-ray image analysis.

Patients are always sent to do two x-rays (orthopantomography/panoramic and LL X-ray-lateral cephalogram), which are then computer analyzed using a digital software in order to determine the relationships between the upper and the lower jaw bone structures. X-ray analysis is a standard procedure used to predict the progress of the subsequent treatment.

On the basis of all the information gathered, we prepare an individualized demonstration, which is then presented to the patient by Dr. Marelić during the second consultation visit. The patient is explained the nature of the problem and introduced to the possible solution. The duration of the treatment, the costs and all other details are arranged as well during this second consultation.

Patient experience

Our main goal is the satisfaction and joy of our patients therefore their feedback is the most important criterion of our work.
  • Pacijentica
    We were satisfied with courtesy, hygiene, and professionalism. Quality and price are unbeatable compared to Treviso.   Barbara Pontello, Vanin Angelica, Vanin Diego
    Barbara Pontello
  • Pacijentica
    Had a great experience, very high level of professionalism. We are glad to have met you. Thanks, Bellonte Isabel
    Isabel Bellonte
  • Pacijentica Martina Kauzlarić
    Martina_Kauzlarić_tekst Hello! I'm Martina Kauzlarić, I came to Doctor Marelić for the first time in June 2011 with a disastrous bite. (And by the way: before that I wore mobile braces for 9 years!!! After the termination of the therapy my teeth are completely rearranged) After attaching the braces, a year later, my teeth looked better than ever!!! And they still do today (in 2015). Greetings and recommendations,
    Martina Kauzlaric
    Hreljin, Croatia
  • Pacijent Alfred Franković
    Alfred Franković We came by recommendation in Dr. Marelić’s practice. The recommendation proved to be excellent. One daughter had her teeth straightened in a year and we were super happy with the service and results. Now we are in therapy with the younger daughter, and it is enough of a reference. When we solve the children we’ll go further...
    Satisfied Dad, Alfred Frankovic
    Rijeka, Croatia
  • Pacijentica Iva Paris
    Iva Paris My experience with Marelić orthodontic clinic is very positive. The whole treatment, from attaching the braces up to the removal, lasted 13 months, and the result is outstanding, I can finally laugh relaxed, without covering the teeth with my hand. The whole team is very relaxed and positive, yet thorough and devoted to their work.
    Iva Paris
    Boljun, Croatia

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