Are you an orthodontic therapy candidate?

By filling in the questionnaire you can get a general idea of whether you are a potential candidate for an orthodontic therapy. Regardless of the results, you are welcome to make an appointment for the first free of charge check up at our clinic. An examination performed by an expert is far more reliable for obtaining a real diagnosis than a subjective impression that one gets by filling in the questionnaire.


1. How often do you smile reluctantly because of your crocked teeth while you are being photographed?


2. How often do you have difficulties chewing due to the crocked teeth?


3. How often are you finding it hard to brush your teeth thoroughly due to their position?


4. How often do you catch yourself thinking you would be more satisfied if your teeth were straighter and regularly positioned?


5. How often do you have a feeling when you take a bite that the pressure is not distributed evenly on all teeth?


6. How often do you notice that one or more teeth are ‘out of place’ when you look yourself in the mirror?


7. How often do you have a feeling that your teeth have started to become crooked?


8. How often do you laugh covering the mouth with your hand?


9. How often do you feel unhappy due to the crooked or misaligned teeth?


10. How often do you feel embarrassed due to the looks of your teeth?


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