Why choose Damon orthodontic braces?

Damon brackets are the best when it comes to what modern orthodontics has to offer.
Fixed orthodontic braces with Damon brackets deliver a lot more than just aligned teeth.
The alignment of the teeth is quicker and orthodontic therapy requires less time due to the low friction between the arch wire and the brackets. In other systems the friction is higher which causes a slow alignment of the teeth.
The braces are more comfortable because the brackets are extremely curved and small. Unlike Damon, other systems use brackets that are bigger and more raised, which irritates the soft tissue of the inner cheeks and lips.

The teeth are less sensitive and there is no strong pain during the treatment period due to the small forces used to align the teeth. Forces created by other systems are stronger and therefore cause pain.
Check ups are less frequent due to the use of highly elastic arch wires. The wires used in other systems need to be reactivated more often and therefore more frequent check ups are needed.

in the last couple of years we have successfully completed over


therapies using Damon brackets.

“Damon braces are good investment in health and beauty of your teeth."

dr. Srđan Marelić, Orthodontic Specialist

The duration of the check up is shorter and the adjustment of the braces takes less time due the innovative shape of the brackets. Brackets used in other orthodontic braces are technically more complicated so the adjustment takes more time.
The teeth alignment is safer and more precise due to the vast range of different bracket shapes. Other systems use the same type of brackets for all orthodontic problems and the brackets are not adjusted to different needs.

Because of their compact shape, the brackets do not require frequent changes due to defects. In other systems the brackets are more susceptible to defects, which in turn requires frequent changes.
Due to the easy expansion of dental arches when using Damon orthodontic braces, there is no need to extrapolate healthy teeth in order to make all of the teeth fit well into the dental arches. In other systems there is a higher percentage of cases where healthy teeth need to be extrapolated in order to make all teeth fit within the dental arches.

Because of the numerous advantages that the Damon system offers, our treatments using fixed orthodontic braces are comfortable, successful and take less time. Since we’ve started using the Damon system, there has been significantly less tooth extrapolation and the check ups have become shorter and more pleasant.

Our patients are more satisfied because Damon brackets are aesthetically pleasing, the pain is reduced to minimum and there is no need for frequent visits to the clinic in order to adjust the braces. Moreover, they are particularly happy about the fact that there is no need for tooth extrapolation.

Damon brackets are indeed the best when it comes to what modern orthodontics has to offer and this is supported by the fact that in the last couple of years we have successfully completed over 600 therapies, to the great joy of our patients.


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